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Mickie opens her practice to a wide variety of clients of all ages and backgrounds.*

Mickie Diamond opens her practice to a wide variety of adults who are struggling with issues such as relationships, personal loss, difficult transitions, overcoming fears, change of health status, body image, careers, depression, anxiety, and personal growth. She finds that her use of traditional therapeutic counseling practices can be enhanced when nonverbal yoga techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, visualizations and gentle yoga postures are used. One on one counseling sessions are offered as well as classes and workshops.

Some of her areas of specialty include:

See below for services descriptions and details.

Singles Adults/Relationship Counseling

While Mickie has demonstrated an ability to relate and work with all populations, she has developed a special understanding about the issues that relate to the lives of single adults. She created a highly successful program in New York City which produced approximately 40 marriages in the five years she was the director. She offers both individual and groups sessions to help singles address patterns of behavior which serve as roadblocks to forming committed relationships. Mickie is also available to assist couples who are looking for help to improve existing relationships.
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Personal Growth and Behavioral Decluttering

Sometimes we find ourselves unintentionally living life based on prior choices which are no longer serving us in the ways we intended. When this happens, people can feel stuck and may need help to look at their lives with a new perspective. Like clearing out a cupboard which has accumulated expired items, Mickie assists clients to examine their lives and help them to find opportunities for what she calls behavioral decluttering, discarding unnecessary behaviors that are preventing personal satisfaction. Clients are offered support and encouragement as they travel through these uncharted waters.
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Stress Management Consultation

Recent medical research has demonstrated the role that stress plays in diseases such as Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Colitis, Fibromyalgia as well as a host of others. After an initial evaluation session, Mickie teaches relaxation techniques and helps clients explore ways to restructure their lives so they can enjoy a peaceful, meaningful, and healthy existence. She offers both individual and group stress reduction sessions.
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Yoga Nidra Session*


Mickie’s work with the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, has increased her sensitivity to appreciate the struggles that individuals and families are dealing with when illness comes into the home. The use of stress management techniques help clients and family members search within themselves to connect with their physical strength, self love and courage. She offers both individual and group stress reduction sessions for clients with heart disease and other health related issues.
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Yoga Services

Mickie specializes in individual yoga therapy, counseling, and specialized group classes.
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No classes/workshops are scheduled at this time.
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